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Additional Services - We will install timer delays free of charge which will switch on table lamps for a defined period so that the interior of your home is illuminated, for example in the evenings.

Additional Services - We now have Wi-Fi security camera’s available which we will attached to your Wi-Fi system, you can then download the APP to your smart phone (Android & iOS Only) and check whilst away that your pets are ok, this also allows our team to monitor your home and pets whilst our team member is not there.

The camera is equipped with night vision, loudspeaker and microphone so that you and our team member can both hear what is happening and chat with your pet(s). An additional fee of £ 10.00 is charged for this service. The system is uninstalled and removed once we stop the home visits. The installation takes 10 min's, no wiring is required the camera attaches to your home wireless router via USB cable (provided).


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