Why use a nightly stop over … ?

Well there are various reasons, you may have a pet that is nervous and cannot be placed in a kennel or cattery for example.

Your home maybe in an area which is or has been targeted by burglars, in the past leaving you and your family feeling violated or threatened.

These unwanted  “ VISITORS “ look for signs that you are away and this provides them with time to gain entry and remove your valuables, knowing they will probably not be discovered.

Arriving home from a vacation to find your beautiful home ransacked is not a pleasant thing.

So what are you getting … ? Firstly the complete pet sitting service equal to the two visit schedule and secondly a home guardian, Our team member provides his or her own food, you provide a place to sleep and allow the use of your home facilities i.e. kitchen. Our team member is responsible for ensuring your home is clean and any breakages are covered by ourselves.

Obviously our team member will not be locked in your home 24/7 as he/she will need to visit shops and perhaps return home for brief periods during the day, we can however guarantee that evenings and nights your home will not be left unguarded and your pets have the added attention of someone home with them for most of your vacation period.

If you require further details and would like to chat with a team member about this option please call us, we are happy to chat and assist in deciding if this is the right option for you, your pets and your family..

Your home insurance company may also contribute to the daily cost, many do now.

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