Question : Would you look after more than one cat during  your visits …..?

Answer : The answer to this question is yes, whether you have just one companion or more the fee is the same.

Question : How can I pay for the service …. ?

Answer : We require a 50% deposit when you book our services, the outstanding balance is due once the final day has arrived and the keys for your home are returned.

Question : How can I pay the fees …?

Answer : You can pay the deposit at the time of the home visit or via BACS/Internet banking. We do not take payments over the phone for security reasons. The outstanding balance can be paid via BACS/Internet banking, our team member will provide the details for internet banking.

Question : Does the fee include looking after a dog as well as a cat …. ?

Answer : Yes it does, however an additional fee is charged for walking the dog of £ 2.50 per walk.

Question : Would there be any additional fee for looking after a rabbit or hamster at the same time as our cat …. ?

Answer : No there would be no additional fees for looking after small pets such as a rabbit  or hamster along with your cat.

Question : Do you look after horses or ponies … ?

Answer : No we do not

Question : Can I cancel a booking, and will I lose any fees … ?

Answer : You can cancel a booking anytime up to five days prior to the start date, we will return your fee minus any transaction fee we have incurred.

Within the five days prior to start date the deposit is non-refundable, however if you have paid the outstanding balance this will be refunded minus any transaction fee. We also reserve the right to request the full & complete fee prior to the sitting commencing.

Question : What would happen if we are delayed on our return to our home … ?

Answer : We would hope you would try to contact our team urgently, however we will attend your home and make every effort to confirm your return, should we not be able to contact you we will assume that your have been delayed, and continue to visit your pets. Any additional days will be invoiced separately and payment will be due immediately you return.

We can not be held responsible for events which might delay your return, our priority is the well being and care of your pets until your return.

Question : if the sitter requires additional supplies for my pet, what would happen …?

Answer : Our team would provide any additional supplies, these would be billed at cost to you upon your return (All receipts would be provided as proof of purchase).

Question : If there is an emergency what would your team do …?

Answer : Our team member would contact you, the owner directly via a contact number and request your authorisation and agreement in all circumstances, were we have not been given prior written authority to act, such as requiring a visit to a vet.

Question : Will the sitter always be the same person and the person who does the home visit … ?

Answer : Yes.

NOTE, However any member of our team may due to unforeseen circumstances, illness, accident etc .. not be available and another team member will replace him or her, we will inform you the client if this is the case.

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