Additional Services

Dog Walking

These include walking your pet pooch if we are looking after them as part of the pet sitting service, there is an additional charge of £ 2.50 per walk.

Pet Security WiFi Monitor


With a WiFi Camera and two-way audio, the Pet Monitor is an easy-to-install smart monitoring device that will enable you to view and monitor your pets and home. It will help you to stay connected no matter where you are - via WiFi networks and you will be able to view footage and alerts in real-time video, with audio on both smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS Only).

Some homes may not be suitable for the Pet Monitor due to the location of the Wi-Fi router, however this will be ascertained during the preliminary home visit by our team member.

• CCTV Security Camera Pet Monitor - With Motion Detection and Video Recording you can get real-time video notifications from your home of the movements of your pets, or anyone entering the area the camera is viewing, enabling you to know exactly what's happening. Also the smart camera will immediately take a photo when the motion sensor is activated by movement and will send you the notification via Email or the installed app for Android or iOS

• Easy To Setup – We simply connect the Pet Security Monitor to your home Wi-Fi router, and then download the APP to your phone or tablet. You will then be able to view live footage where ever you are and stay connected with the CCTV camera, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. The gyroscope inside allows us to even install the WiFi monitor upside-down as it will automatically auto-sense the mounted angle

• Night Vision - The wireless Pet Camera Monitor is equipped with an infrared light sensor that allows it to capture footage up to 15 feet away in complete darkness. With a colour wide-angle lens and good video compression quality, you will be able to know exactly what’s going on in the monitored area.

• Voice:built-in Microphone and Speaker – You can even talk to your pets and hear them back via the built-in microphone and speaker system.

An additional fee of £ 10.00 is charged for the duration of the period the camera monitor is installed, once the sitting is finished we remove the monitor from your home and request you delete the APP.


Timer Delays

We will install timer delays free of charge which will switch on table lamps for a defined period so that the interior of your home is illuminated, for example in the evenings.

No additional charge,

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