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* One Daily Visit £ 17.00

* Twice Daily Visit £ 27.00

* Stopover (House Sitting) £ 35.00 per day

* Dog Walking £ 2.50 per hour

* Our Priority Is And Will Always Be The Wellbeing Of Your Pets               Available 24/7 Call Emergency No 07709640444

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Cats are very territorial and generally don’t handle stress very well, so why put your beloved pet through the trauma of removing them from the comfort of their own home every time you go away?

“Cats At Home Sitting Service” will take care of your cat(s) in your home, taking the stress out of your and your cat’s life! Your cat(s) can remain at home to enjoy their daily routine, favourite sleeping place, familiar safe, secure sights, sounds and smells of home. When you go away on your holidays or business trip(s), you want to be able to relax knowing, that your cat(s) are in safe hands.

A professional, competent cat sitter will enable you to do just that and you have the added benefit of knowing that your other pets are taken care of and don’t pose a problem finding a solution for their care and welbeing..

Placing pets in catteries can cause unnecessary stress and emotional suffering

trtrrrrrrrr5Although most domestic cats appear to be very independent, they are territorial animals. They become very attached to their home environment and are naturally frightened of unfamiliar places and smells. Also most cats enjoy and benefit from human company (interacting with people on their own terms, of course!). Cats are intelligent animals and they need both mental and physical stimulation – play is an important aspect of their behaviour.

If they are removed from their territory and their human companions, cats can suffer significant “separation stress”. Signs of this can include loss of appetite, spraying, scratching, hiding and excessive meowing, loss of fur, refusing to use the litter tray.

Cat sitting allows your pet to stay in familiar surroundings

The kindest and best arrangement you can make for your cats while you’re away is to leave them at home in their familiar environment following their normal routines.

You won’t need to ask your neighbours or your family for help,

 call 07926 758182 or 07709 640444

Cats At Home Sitting Service – Our Aim
Our aim is simple: To make your cat feel as though it’s the most loved cat on the planet!
Cats At Home Sitting Service philosophy is :
To provide a professional, personal and high quality service to our customers and provide a loving, reassuring and as stress free as possible experience for your cat. Knowing that pet and owner are happy and reassured, results in a memorable experience for all.

Welcome to Cats At Home Sitting Service

Pet sitting service for cats - Cats at Home - Home Visiting & Sitting Service for cats, Hyndburn, Rossendale and now as far a field as Rochdale area, once or twice daily visits, additional pets cared for whilst we look after your cats.

Additional Services - We now have Wi-Fi security camera’s available which we will attached to your Wi-Fi system, you can then download the APP to your smart phone (Android & iOS Only) and check whilst away that your pets are ok, this also allows our team to monitor your home and pets whilst our team member is not there.

The camera is equipped with night vision, loudspeaker and microphone so that you and our team member can both hear what is happening and chat with your pet(s). An additional fee of £ 10.00 is charged for this service. The system is uninstalled and removed once we stop the home visits. The installation takes 10 min's, no wiring is required the camera attaches to your home wireless router via USB cable (provided).